URSAPHARM now present in India

URSAPHARM has founded subsidiary in India focussing on the distribution of ophthalmics.

Frank Holzer, General Manager and major shareholder of URSAPHARM Germany
“We are probably the first medium-size pharmaceutical entrepeneur engaged in India.
Thanks to our innovative power we see good market potential for us.”

In cooperation with the brothers Sukhwinder and Jarnail Singh URSAPHARM has started a joint venture in New Dehli. URSAPHARM holds 76% of the shares.

The Indian subsidiary named URSAPHARM India Private Limited focuses on the distribution of ophthalmics produced in the URSAPHARM headquarters in Germany.

“We see an enormous potential for growth in India and as a specialist in ophthalmology we would like to participate. Especially in our bestseller HYLO-COMOD®, a product for moistening the ocular surface the Indian ophthalmologists were very interested.”

Our representatives in the regional Indian offices in Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Dehli and Lucknow are responsible for sales of five ophthalmologic URSAPHARM-products.