The COMOD® system from URSAPHARM

The COMOD® system from URSAPHARMIngenious and safe!

Thanks to the innovative power of our highly qualified and experienced scientists, URSAPHARM has been able to develop a world first: a multidose container called the COMOD® system.

COMOD® stands for COntinuous MOno Dose, a description of an integral AIRLESS application system which enables delivery of multiple sterile doses of liquid medicinal or cosmetic products. By pressing the pump, a sophisticated ventilation duct prevents the solution in the bottle from coming into contact with potentially contaminated environmental air. The central elements of this system are the pump and the bottle. The latter contains a flexible bag with the solution inside. After application of a drop, the pressure difference is equalised by air streaming not into the solution container but into the space between the solid wall of the bottle and the flexible container bag. Due to a pressure reduction in the solution area, the bag collapses during treatment. Microorganisms cannot enter the interior of the bottle, so contamination of the product during use is excluded.

Preservatives are no longer required

The COMOD® system from URSAPHARM allows liquid dosage forms to be kept sterile during storage and use. In the past, the addition of preservatives to liquid preparations intended for multiple use was mandatory. But preservatives can be harmful to human tissues, especially to the sensitive ocular surface. The introduction of the COMOD® system put paid to the dogma of preservation.

Different versions of the COMOD® system are available, enabling highly accurate dropwise delivery or nebulization of the solution.