One product – four advantages!

  • maintenance of visual function – best possible preservation of vision by an effective lowering of intraocular pressure with an active substance of first choice and a pre-defined drop size of 32.6µl
  • convenience – elimination of preventable side effects during therapy by safely avoiding the use of preservatives
  • economic evaluation – reduction of the costs of therapy and simultaneous increase in value for both patient and prescriber due to 300 drops in a 10ml pack
  • quality of life – minimizing the restrictions of the patients in their everyday lives

Preservative-free – an imperative in daily treatment

Being well tolerable means being free from preservatives. Thanks to the innovative COMOD®-system, the use of preservatives in eye drops for daily treatment has become obsolete. In case of available alternatives, side effects caused by preservatives such as blepharitis, chronic eczema or damage of the corneal epithelia mean unacceptable risks for the patient.

Comparison of the frequencies of appearance of side effects using preserved and preservative-free eye drops*

preserved (%) preservative-free (%)
blepharitis 53,0 20,5
pain during application 47,6 18,5
itching or burning of the eyes 47,5 19,6
foreign body sensation 41,9 14,8
sensation of dry eyes 34,9 16,0
hyperaemia 21,2 6,9
positive fluorescein staining 12,5 3,8
eczema 9,1 1,8

*van der Valk R, Webers CAB, Schouten JSAG, Zeegers MP, Hendrikse F, Prins MH. Intraocular pressure-lowering effects of all commonly used glaucoma drugs. A meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. Ophtalmology 2005; 112: 1177-1185

The accurate dosing is crucial in the treatment of Glaucoma

Every drop, that the patient applies with the COMOD®-system has a pre-defined size of 32.6µl which is absolutely equal every time. This ensures a constantly accurate dosing and a safe and effective treatment.

The content patient is the aim

Timo-COMOD® – Because people are different!
The COMOD®-system – easy handling, free from preservatives, safe and absolutely accurate dosing. Properties which assure compliance of the patients and therefore success of therapy.


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