The nose – the guard of our respiratory tract

The nose is frequently the first target for viral attacks. While breathing, viruses causing common colds hit the mucous membrane in the nose. They start immediately entering the interior of the cells of the mucosa for reproduction. A healthy mucosa is able to resist such attacks. By production of mucus and by sneezing the invaders are eliminated.

Xylo-POS – when the nose needs help!

A sufficiently moistened nasal mucosa is a requirement for an effective defence against viruses. If the mucosa shows a lack of moisture, pathogens may successfully enter the tissue. After the viruses have contacted the mucosal cells, it is too late for preventive measures. Due to a now initiated inflammatory reaction, the nasal mucosa starts swelling, resulting in a congested nose. A classic cold has become manifest.
The impaired ventilation in the nose and sinuses prepares a good nutrient medium for bacteria, worsening the infection. In addition, an unpleasant sensation of dyspnoea occurs.

Xylo-POS – takes care for a good ventilation

The pharmaceutically active substance xylometazoline hydrochloride in Xylo-POS regulates the blood circulation in the nasal mucosa and reverses the swelling. The patients can breathe freely again.

The solution in the innovative and patented 3K®-multi dose system is completely preservative-free, serving for a good tolerability by the stressed mucosal tissue. After first use, the dosage system can be used for 12 weeks. The 3K®-system disperses the solution extremely fine resulting in an agreeable application and an enormous yield.


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Xylo-POS – for free breathing

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