WET-COMOD® – for tired and stressed eyes

Dry eyes – a frequent problem, especially in offices

The number of persons being confronted with symptoms of the dry eye syndrome becomes larger. This is comprehensible as the symptoms are frequently caused and promoted by our everyday habits and our environment. The permanent exposition to dry conditioned air contributes to the formation of a dry eye as well as working extensively and concentrated with computer screens. Actually, compared with other occupations the blink rate of our eye lids markedly decreases while working with computer monitors. During these prolonged opening phases evaporation of moisture from the ocular surface is pronounced. Eyes start feeling tired, itching and burning occur. For this reason, such mild and employment-related complaints are called the “Office-Eye-Syndrome”.

Ocular refreshment with the established substance povidone

Initial symptoms like tired eyes, mild itching and burning can be effectively treated with WET-COMOD®. It provides an immediate refreshment of the eyes. The established substance povidone serves for an elevated viscosity of the eye drops. After application, the solution remains longer on the corneal and conjunctival surface. So, lubrication is intensified, the eyes recover and concentrated working is again possible. A special advantage at work: WET-COMOD® does not impair vision and can be used while wearing hard or soft contact lenses.

Preservative-free, citrate-buffered and therefore phosphate-free in the patented COMOD®-system

Preservatives, preventing a microbial contamination during storage and after first use, cause damage to the cells of the ocular epithelia. These substances destroy the natural tear film and may be the origin of hypersensitivity reactions. Modern eye lubrication is completely preservative-free. In case of WET-COMOD®, a contamination of the solution with micro-organisms is excluded by the patented COMOD®-multi dose system.

Apart from preservatives also phosphates manifoldly contained in eye drops may cause harmful effects. An irritated cornea secretes calcium ions from its superficial cells. These calcium ions may react with phosphates from artificial tears, leading to the formation of practically insoluble crystals. Such crystals may cause a permanent impairment of vision of the patients. Therefore, solutions for treatment of dry and irritated eyes should not contain phosphates. In WET-COMOD® a citrate-based buffer system is used for stabilisation of the pH-value of the eye drops. So, WET-COMOD® is completely phosphate-free and excludes the risk of crystal precipitation.

WET-COMOD® – for mild stages of dry eyes

  • eye drops in the COMOD®-system with 2% povidone
  • outstanding tolerability with the established ingredient povidone
  • compatible with all types of contact lenses, ideal while working
  • preservative-free, citrate-buffered and therefore completely phosphate-free
  • enormous yield and extremely low daily costs of therapy
  • can be used for 12 weeks after first use


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